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Video Testimonials

Andrea Walker – Stellar Brew | Mammoth Lakes, CA

When we met, Andrea was struggling to nail down the back end of her business, things like employee manual, job descriptions, etc. I helped guide Andrea through her goals and timeline, and worked out her internal operating systems, giving her the ability to have confidence in her business from front to back. 

Mikaela – Professional Artist

Mikaela dreamt of making her artistic practice her profession, but was lost between self-doubt and needing more direction.  She was drawn to my activating energy, and felt empowered to work in authenticity to get to where she wanted to be.  Since working with me, Mikaela has applied to different art shows and opportunities, has received national and international grants for artist residencies, and has obtained gallery representation. 

Christina Lane – Freelance Photographer

Christina was working as magazine photo editor, but wanted to transition into full-time photography.  When we started together, she had no business structure, was distracted easily and was disorganized. I helped create an environment that worked for her – supporting her to think about the steps needed in order to get specific goals done. Now, Christina’s business is full-time and thriving. 

Dan Nattrass – Fishbone Kitchen in Liberty Public Market | San Diego CA

Running a business with a restaurant, wholesale, and resale aspect, Dan struggled to coordinate all three aspects.  My knowledge and experience was able to apply directly to Dan’s issues, and we worked together to distill a specific step-by-step plan to move forward in his journey.  In a relatively short period of time, I helped Dan run his restaurant on automation, improve his retail side, and now he can focus on his passion, which is wholesale.  Dan feels confidence to reach his personal and business goals by keeping on track. 

Gabrielle Martorana – Digital Nomad

Gabrielle struggled with limiting beliefs showing up as procrastination, creating an inability to get her businesses where she wanted them.  I helped guide Gabrielle in overcoming with my personal, business and spiritual savviness.  We utilized my past business experience and my variety of skillsets to move past emotional and mental hurdles.  Her success has skyrocketed and she is moving forward with excitement about the future of her two thriving businesses. 

Jamie Schectman – June Pie Pizzeria & T Bar Social Club | June Lake, CA

Jamie and I took his business vision to a reality, assisting him with a variety of business needs including organizational structure, execution, leadership skills, hiring needs, team building exercises and organizational documents. I jumped in where necessary to fill in the gaps, and guided Jamie from where he started to his success now, supporting him to pivot through the pandemic. 

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