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Create Your Vision and Make It Happen

Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it.
Boldness has genius, and magic and power in it. Begin it now. ~ Goethe
One of the greatest joys of being a coach is helping my clients visualize their future. One of the tools I use to help them create direction, move towards their goals, and get unstuck is through creating a vision board. A vision board is a visual and symbolic representation of our goals and dreams, a visual roadmap. The board begins with anything that inspires and motivates you as it develops an exciting picture of what could and what can be, regardless of what is, for you and your business. It incorporates your passions, values, and strengths. The purpose of the vision board is to bring everything on it to life.

Mikaela McLeish is Making It Happen

This month’s shout out goes to Mikaela McLeish for making it happen! Mikaela has a lot she wants to do and accomplish. In our time together, she has bravely shared her concerns about her future as she takes her next steps creating a life she wants to live.


Mikaela is on the verge of something new and different, and she hasn’t been quite sure what direction she would like to pursue as she has many opportunities coming her way. To help direct her next steps of going from here to there between college and her next move we worked in setting the vision. The vision limited her overwhelm and procrastination as she was able to prioritize what is necessary to her and created a new outlook. Mikaela was able to take her creative energy and focus on what was most important to her, eliminate distraction, and ready to spring into action by taking another step towards her future.


You too can create a vision board, download this Vision Board Insights Tool.
Turn your vision into a reality and let Dr.Weiner help you take action to give life to your goals.


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